Feature of 5G Network

Hello guy we are discuss with new network about 5G also we are explaining networks and which company will providing this feature

  • what is 5G?
  • How fast 5G?
  • what is difference between 4G and 5G?

What is 5G?

5G is a fifty generation network telecom industries .Beyond 5G is for speed improvement and economical is good for country .

How fast 5G?

According Communication principal providing short frequency and lager bandwidth.The use of short frequency in 5G for faster speed.

5G download speed and upload speed is given below

  • 10Gbps download and upload speed is available

what is difference between 4Gand 5G?

here difference blw 4g and 5g is in speed spectrum and bandwidth

about speed this of 4G is about 100mbps and about 5G is 1-10Gbps.

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