Hello guy here is abusive experience happen in you site here is solution for example the my is faced abusive experience and i slove that abusive experience in just 30min and i give the real solution and this is test solution is it is 100% working solution also.

What is abusive experience ?

Abusive experience is mean when user comes to your site and see more ads they are going back (it is not like bounce rate) and most irritating ads like pop ads when you click on page they are redirecting to other site here they loose the patience and google bot will check your site there many pop ads

are present (if you are earning from adsence) give give as abusive experience in Adsence.

what is solution ?

Just open your browser and type abusive experience and search in your tab or click here

Select which website is facing abusive experience and add property and verify and below text box fill the below text i written copy this and paste in text box “In my site abusive experience is present to solve my problem and i don’t use any type of pop ads and also other illegal content if haven’t use solve the problem

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