Bitcoin Market Cross $61k Support & Resistance

Hello friends bitcoin market cross $61k support & Resistance level. Also bitcoin cross $3000 in just 4 hours market

Bitcoin Market Cross $61k

Bitcoin market cross $61000 at 10 april on starting $57960 after that market at morning 6 Am had crossed $250 next hour market crossed $250 reached $58459 next hour $700 increased reached $59100 and also next high in next hour $1500 reached $60640.

Hello masters, hope you having a good day in this profit season. Even if you are not making then don’t be upset, opportunities will come and go.
Here is the update regarding BTC price, price at major resistance right now and it trying hard to break this current zone to make new all-time-high . If this trend continue maybe we will see BTC at higher price soon. Quick short note to understand price movement better…….
– Price is above triangle and if recent dump was just a retest of breakout level and to cool down Funding Rate(important factor), WELL in that case price is ready to shoot and can pump massively.
but wait a second…always be prepare for opposite direction also and make your disicion accordingly and make sure you always place stop-loss

Bitcoin is in a rising trend channel in the medium long term. This shows that investors over time have bought the currency at higher prices and indicates good development for the currency. The currency has marginally broken up through the resistance at points 59000. An established break predicts a further rise. The currency is assessed as technically positive for the medium long term

Just like any other traded asset, the Bitcoin price is affected by supply and demand, as simple as that. However, the occurrence of certain global fundamental events could have a relation to the value of Bitcoin: During the year of 2016, for example, India’s banknote demonetization had a positive effect on Bitcoin. In India, the price of the cryptocurrency was trading 20% higher than the rest of the world

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