Bitcoin Market Cross $62k In Next Few Days

Hello friends bitcoin market cross $62k in next few days also you can know that bitcoin gone down 52000 or less in few days before. The market resistance and support level you get below and also next few days bitcoin market status.

Bitcoin Market Cross $62k In Next Few Days

Now the present situation market will moving upward direction it will cross 62000$ in next few days. Next is market capping increased 110billon$ now the is 81,90,472Cr in INR.

Now the market support and resistance level

Support & Resistance

S1: 28880

S2: 24217

S3: 19846

R1: 42000

R2: 50000

R3: 60000

Strong Moderate Weak Up Neutral Down

Pivot Points

P: 58394.43

S3: 53718.03

S2: 56056.23

S1: 57401.27

R1: 59739.47

R2: 60732.63

R3: 63070.83

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