Bitcoin Market Slow reducing There Market Capping

Hello friend today we are knowing bitcoin market slowly reducing there market capping amount day to day also market Resistance Point and Support Point is available Below

Bitcoin Market Slow reducing There Market Capping

Guys before a week market had capping with more than $70B on it. But in the present time market had capping with $61.9B in it. Why suddenly reducing $9B in market which reason also market lossing there values slowly.

  • Lockdown In United State
  • Lockdown North American Country
  • Lockdown In Europe Country
  • Lockdown In Other Country

Because of this reason market loss $9B also investor are return taking there money for there use in person are other reason. Many important country like US, CA, Europe country govt take action on lock down, because of higher investor don’t invest in this also return taking all fund

Support And Resistance Level Point of Bitcoin Market

Support level last 4week is 52,447$ & resistance level is 62,521$

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