Bitcoin Today Market Analysis

Hello friends today we are discussing about the one of most richest cryptocurrency bitcoin market analysis of today also where market will goes up or down and sell or buy.And also we suggest what to do what not to do in bitcoin market.

Bitcoin Today Market Analysis

On above graph your are seeing the market fluctuation loot .But observe market graph before for 24housrs where the market will goes up or down and .Our analysis market will goes down with my personal analysis where i see the graph and 3days continuously analysis its is correct and market will goes slow down but it goes confirm down .Here is chance to win the trade to sell your bitcoin and win more profit trade.

Why Bitcoin market goes Continuously down

Why bitcoin market goes continuously down because of market was in august month 18th day bitcoin rate goes to very high point 12165$ and there after market will comes continuously down and now current situation market is down position and also the market goes down upto 7000$ on my analysis.Rest the market where goes up or down it depends on market

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