Current Situation GBPUSD Market Goes Up Or Down

Hello friends today we are discussion about GBPUSD market and what is happening in current Situation in market will goes up or down where we get profit or loss in this time now read below one.

Current Situation GBPUSD Market

Guys the GBPUSD market is moving constantly with range 1.2803 to 1.2976 here at top point where you can sell the trade and at very low point 1.280 buy the trade and generate some profit.Also wait for day or some pick at lower section.

Alret on market

Here guys why am i telling because of market will change rates suddenly and going down because the current situation all market include GBPUSD market will also goes down for some days after that market will goes higher point but this is my personal observation on market case study.

Also if you finding any type of mistake fill the comment i will solve that one

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