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2019 environment issue in delhi

Today environment issue in delhi

What is environment issue in delhi compare to other city ?

Here the delhi environment is very poor because of air quality is in danger level and that danger level can take of many innocent people life. In delhi one of the waste quality of air is circulating at that place. I don’t want to tell delhi come air level cross 500-700. And in delhi pollution can see as snow fall type but that is not happening in delhi.

How the  pollution is increasing in dehli and other city also ?

You know that how the pollution is accoring you should be tell given reason

  1. vehicle are running more
  2. industry
  3. burning the crop after taking seed in it
  4. more people and increasing food demand
  5. running old vehicle

But this are main issue but other source also effect environment some people are thinking we are not living delhi but one day will become same as delhi pollution you want to stop this air pollution. In delhi smoke is covering as same like fog but is smoke. In delhi you breath O2 (oxygen) and you wan’t get fresh air but you breath that air you have to doing the smoking of 2-20 cigarate of normal breathing without using mask. With using mask effect will redusing polluted air in our body. and many problem are facing to our body and animals birds and global .

Here some heath causes come air pollution     

  1. It should effect our liver and causes of cancer
  2. And face and body part causes infection
  3. Eye the get irritate and it should cause were the glass
  4. Animal are more effect  from this think

This are some health issue of air pollution and we give more information about this topic and we shall clear all yours doubt.

Which should produce more pollutions  and how much in % percentage

  1. Vehicle –  (38-40)%
  2. Industry – (40-42)%
  3. Other – (10-12)%

This are value of pollution rate which produce in using pollution source

How much pollution cause to environment

  1. It  cause global warming
  2. Acid rain produce through Sulphur
  3. Ice cap are melting
  4. Sea level increase
  5. Drinking water is get polluted by industry waste material
  6. Ozone layer deplication

It all the cause of environment and how to resolve the problem  and its solution above problem   

Read more problem about it click here


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