Ethereum Market Future In 2-3 Week April Analysis

Hello friends today we are knowing that Ethereum market future in 2nd & 3rd week in April analysis also market will goes high level or low level. The market resistance & support level which help you to predicted market go up or down.

Ethereum Market Future In 2-3 Week April Analysis

Starting at early morning ethereum rise high $2,082 before hitting reverse & market falling with 1st major resistance level at $2,120. Mid Morning market at low $2,003 & ethereum before fall first major support level $2,007. Also striking before intraday high at $2,130.

At this time, Ethereum was down 4.18% to $2,100 & bullish start saw bitcoin rise early morning low $2,001 high $2,146. Also ethereum market brink like textbook cup and handle breakout also once this breakout is confirmed and market next target is $2,350. Also if the market our analysis is wrong it won’t work.

Also Precidition of market will be goes up direction after some weeks if buyer will more chance to goes higher and higher level. Also chance here you can take long term and short term profit in this time. This is write to to buy the stocks and wait for some week and chance to earn the profit.

Ethereum rose by 2.52% on Thursday. Following on from a 4.29% gain on Wednesday, Ethereum ended the day at will update soon

Support & Resistance level


Pivot Point


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