EUR USD Market Signal BUY or Sell 23-27 September 2020

Hello guy Today i’m telling about today EURUSD market on 23-27 where market goes up or down with the statics help

EUR USD Market Signal BUY or Sell 23-27

On case study EURUSD market will goes down upto 1.140 and after some days market will reach at very high point upto 1.230 in this days from 23-27 setpember market will goes down slow and reach a certain point 1.140 at very low pick point here you should buy the trade and wait for some days market will goes 100% up and use multiplier with *1000 or *500 but if you don’t want take risk use *100 multiplier

Current Situation we Should Buy or Sell Trade

Here present situation you should sell the trade at current rate is 1.16873 here you should sell the rate and take some profit and close it.Also the market goes down upto1.140 take a opportunity at this time and sell the trade also win the money also here today+2 days market will goes down upto a point 1.140 and after that point market will goes up upto a point 1.250

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