EURUSD Market Analysis Of April Month

Hello friends today we are analysis eurusd marker in april month also were know which is best to sell or buy the stock. Also we know that Support and resistance level also we need to predicted market will goes up or down in future of this month. Analysis had been day by day

EURUSD Market Analysis Of April Month

On the month staring at 00.10 Am EURUSD $1.17216 and market fall at intraday morning $1.171. After intraday market had rise $1.17420 and evening time market $1.17578 at day end market had close at $1.17695. And next day 2nd to 4th april starting with $1.1700 & market under pressure maintain under $1.1700 to $1.17850 after that market had keep fall $1.17560 and end of day market had slowly rise to $1.1763.

On 5rd april market starting with small rise $1.1764 & market under pressure, intraday at market had fall suddenly $1.17699 to $1.17398 after evening time market had rise with 800+ point (1.17420 to 1.18194) end of day market had $1.18119.

6th april market start with $1.18119 and early morning had slowly fall to downward $1.1800 afternoon market had high fluctuation had suddenky goes high and fall back to down. intraday of market had rise continuously and reach $1.18712 closed at this point only

7th april market market with 1.187120 slowly rise at morning & market low point is $1.18678 and high point is $1.19056 end of day market fall continuously.

8th april market start with continuously fall after that market had contant move & high fluctuation in market after that market had continuously rise toward high. low point $1.1860 high point $1.19269

EURUSD Pivot Level


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