EURUSD Market rapid loss With In 3 Days

EURUSD Market rapid loss With In 3 Days

Hello guy EurUsd market has moved 300point towards downward direction with rapid loss in 3day. What Happen if market fall again downward direction with 1.900. Or move in upward direction.

EURUSD Market rapid loss With In 3 Days

Considering the market of eurusd has moving below direction in some day with our analysis and take other analysis also. Here on market has loss point morethan 400point in next some day. Current Market point 1.21720 and moving slow downward direction. If reaching 1.990 market has chance where it can rise upto 1.210. If this is not happen market will goes downward direction upto a point 1.765.

Taking Short term profit

On Current situation market has loss there point where you can sell the trade is best option. Taking sell option check leaverage ×500 scale where you can get 5time of you money. Here our analysis is correct you will get more profit. But you can analysis your self taking risk is good or bad is your decision. It better

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