EURUSD Market Status Last Week In September

At the last week in September 2020 what happening in EURUSD market will goes Up or Down we will understand what happening or what is the next step we will buy or sell trade with our method

EURUSD Market Status Last Week

At starting point 1.630 and market will slightly goes Up and 1.6540 also it goes higher upto1.9510 is a 2nd resistance level given in that last data record also follows.Here is best point to buy the trade but it risky we are not sure confidently market will goes up but support level also 1.450 its goes down also.But me personal case study is market will confirm goes up upto certain point 1.750 also here is chance to win some time .

But currently situation will best chance to win some trade.If you are interested comment me below i will give the GBPUSD and JPYUSD currency details also

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