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Friendship Day 2020 Date

Hello Friends today we are celebrating Friend day 2020 as the friendship day on 2nd August in 2020.As we know that international friendship day had celebrated on 30th July.In the India friendship day celebrate on the 1st Sunday of august month.

Why We Celebrating Friendship Day?

In day today life we meet our so many friend and we make new friend.We have childhood friend also in that we leave some friend we fight for them we fight with them we share our feeling as they know everything about us.And they know the secretes also they hide our secretes form other and some time they open secretes and laugh at those situation.They help us at critical conditions at any cost they bring smiles on our face.Hey guys friend is very beautiful part of our life and beautiful god gifts from another mother.Some situation they sacrifice there life for us.Because we are celebrating friendship day.Always help your friends make them happy be happy


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