INR USD Market Future In Next Month(Mar)

Hello guys today market is INR USD Future in next Month, The Indian rupees strong againt the USD market of 4 Rupees in few month. After the budget release buy the indian Govt market changes its positions.

The Current situation inr usd market is 72.880, in this position market of inr will strong in a small amount but this happen because of reopening of all industry market and other thinks.

INR USD Market Future In Next Month

In market where INRUSD will future in next month reaching it next value 75++ but if it hold inr to72.5 or below market will change the direction it goes up or below. If inrusd market will keep holding the point 72.550 here the chance where market will keep raise or it can’t hold the market it goes down reach 70 rupees.


The above data is taken from the tradingview, here we don’t say to do high investment in this market you won the money its fine but if you loss the money means don’t say us because we are say 2-3% of your income

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