Litecoin Market Analysis & Support Resistance Level

Hello guys today we know Litecoin market with full analysis also you can know that support & resistance level of market. Litecoin is a peer to peer blockchain-based cryptocurrency launched in 2011. And It is one of largest cryptocurrencies next to bitcoin in market.

Litecoin Market Analysis

On this situation market will slowly moving downward & investor slowly removing there money from this market. The LTC had come in 2011 After that market will famous day to day investor investing there money in crypto. Cryptocurrency uses for money transaction from one person to other person with less commission, in any country any where. For the analysis of current market litecoin rate is 197.789$ will slowly moving upward direction after loosing 16$ on this week.

Observing last 3month data market has slowly moving downward direction it means that we take short term profit on this market. Below image all data has given check it

Resistance & support level of Litecoin

23.6% FIB Retracement Level$195

Litecoin market Current Analysis

Wednesday market gain 0.58% end at a day $202.67. On starting mid-morning intraday market fall low making $194.14 and move ahead, after morning pullback saw come back intra day aftetnoon high $204.14. Litecoin market broke first major resistance level at $202 & slide back to $196. After see all data market will end at $202 level.

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