Mukesh Ambani World’s fifth richest person

Chairman, managing director, largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Ltd., Ranks world’s fifth richest person as per Forbes Real-times Billionaires list, last week he was spotted to be in sixth place ,on Wednesday reliance industries share price hold out to Rs 2,010 taking the group’s market capitalisation to Rs 12.70 lakh crore, Mr Ambani’s net worth increased by $3.2 billion on Wednesday, according to Forbes, marking a jump of 4.49 per cent. In the list of world’s richest persons,

Mukesh Ambani World'sMukesh Ambani World’s

  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds first position with net worth of (Rs 185.8 billion dollar).
  • Second place is occupied by Microsoft CEO Bill gates with net worth of (Rs 113.1billion dollar),
  • third position is set by Bernard Arnault chief executive of LMVH with net worth of (112 billion)
  • fourth place by CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

All over the world because of pandemic situation of corona virus the income is dwindling ,still the capital of Reliance industries is up in the graph, Mukesh Ambani said June month as golden month, 33 percent of share has been sell to foreign investors,and recently Google invested(Rs33,737 crore) Reliance jio.

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