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Top 10 Insurance In India

Hello guys today with new informative topic that is top 10 insurance company in India with price and policy details in that which type of cover they are given in it. The life is unpredictable & uncertain, proactive step taken for family to give the sum of money, any accident happen.

In India, there are 25 life insurance companies operating which have been approved and recognized by IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority in India), which is a regulatory body for insurance and reinsurance industries.

In which we are shortlist some of companies they have multiple advantages with different offer with providing all type of insurance with complete cover.

Take Some Measure Before Buying The Insurance(Importance)

Insurance is essential factor that will help your family needs if any type of accident happen with policyholder gives a financial safety and security, any financial adviser will suggest you to take insurance before starting any type of financial planning. Some reason why insurance is necessary.

1.Insurance provides financial support safety & security

If any type of unpredictable situation happen or incident happen with your company or any think (own business) that you runs for you needs, if you insurance taken of your company or any think( own business). Insurance compensation is the only source of income they will stabilize you financial crisis.

2.Insurance will increase the saving

Some the different type of product that offered by life or other insurance company will give life cover but with provides different type of financial wealth to achieve the future goals.

3. Insurance is excellent risk management system.

Insurance that complete cover of uncertainies like risk of death, any type accident falling sick and many more.Every insurance policy provides coverage against insured risk.

Top 10 Insurance In India

  1. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)
  2. Max Life Insurance Company
  3. HDFC Life Insurance Company
  4. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
  5. Tata AIA Life Insurance Company
  6. Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company
  7. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company
  8. SBI Life Insurance Company
  9. Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company
  10. AEGON Life Insurance Company

1.Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

Life insurance corporation of india is most popular Insurance from many decade, this is government own company started in 1959, now the company has worth of 270Billion USD capitalisation. In India 29crore policy holder are there and 2050 LIC branch office,113 divisional offices, 8 zonal offices and 1408 satellite offices. LIC is most trusted insurance company in India under a control of govt of India and now its giving digital service to the customer to easy accessible it.

2.Max Life Insurance Company

Max life insurance company is 2nd largest non-banking private sector insurance company, this company started or founded in year 2000. Max life insurance company is one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in India with assets under management of INR 30,450 crores. The company has more than 40lakh+ user base. The company has good online service with various type of multiple product provided in this with various branch offices.

3.HDFC Life Insurance Company

HDFC is life insurance company founded in year 2000 with company joint venture with HDFC ltd, a leading housing finance institution in India and Standard Life Aberdeen, a global investment company. The company has more than 395+ branch office in India. HDFC is most trusted insurance company provide various different type of insurance HDFC life insurance offers considerable flexibility with their insurance policies, at 99.07%, their claim settlement ratio is quite impressive as well.

4.ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

ICICI prudential life insurance is build with help of ICICI bank limited this is founded in year 2000. This company has asset of Rs 78,217 Crore. This company has very good user base of insurance with providing very type of insurances. With the customer-centric approach, ICICI Prudential Life offers various long-term protection and savings plans for a diverse customer segment.

5. Tata AIA Life Insurance Company

Tata AIA Life Insurance Company is a common adventure between Tata Sons Private Limited, one of the largest business groups and AIA Group Limited, Asia’s largest insurance group. Tata AIA Life Insurance Company’s means under operation is INR 11,305 crores. Being one of the trusted insurance brands in India, Tata AIA Life offers multitudinous insurance results starting from protection to wealth creation. The programs give simple results for unique insurance needs along with excellent client service.

6.Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company

Bharti AXA Life Insurance was innovated in the time 2006. It’s a common adventure between AXA Group and Bharti Enterprises. The strong fiscal moxie and domestic business excellence of these companies have laid a strong background for the company. Bharti AXA Life has introduced colorful innovative insurance products to feed to the unique requirements of guests. Bharti AXA Life’s distribution network is spread across 125 metropolises in the country. The company offers colorful plans starting from protection plans to save, health and group plans and utmost of them are offered accessibly on an online platform.

7.Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company innovated in the time 2001 is a common adventure between Bajaj Finserv Limited of Bajaj Group. Bajaj Allianz Life has 770 branches across the country to offer innovative insurance results to colorful client parts. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is known for its strong innovative products and timely client service. The company has won colorful awards and recognition for its donation to the insurance assiduity.

8.SBI Life Insurance Company

SBI Life Insurance Company is a common adventure between State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest bank and BNP Paribas Cardif, a French transnational bank and fiscal services company. Presently, SBI Life Insurance has an sanctioned capital of INR 1,13,052 (USD 14 billion). SBI Life was first started as a bancassurance business which is now extended to themulti-distribution channel. With client service excellence and product inventions, the company has been growing time on time. SBI Life has entered numerous awards and accolades for its work in the field.

9.Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company, innovated in the time 2001 is one of the leading insurance companies in India feeding to colorful parts of people. Reliance has further than 15 million policyholders. The company has made insurance accessible for numerous through its strong distribution network of 730 branches. Reliance Life has a product for every possible need of the existent.

10.AEGON Life Insurance Company

AEGON Life Insurance Company, founded in the year 2008 is one among the best to offer various life insurance solutions to various customer segments. AEGON Life is a new age company with a strong digital presence and a diverse product portfolio.

Following is the list of best insurance companies in India(comparing data with 2021)

Sl. No.Company Name Claim Settlement Ratio (2017-18)Claim Settlement Ratio (2018-19)Premium (in INR)
1.Life Insurance Corporation of India94.45%97.79%17,228
2.Max Life Insurance Company95.26%98.74%10,148
3.HDFC Life Insurance Company88.63%99.04%12,478
4.ICICI Prudential Life Insurance92.03%98.58%12,502
5.Tata AIA Life Insurance Company94.00%99.07%9,912
6.Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company96.29%97.28%9,440
7.Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company83.94%95.01%14,067
8.SBI Life Insurance Company92.13%95.03%15,070
9.Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company86.11%97.71%11,012
10.AEGON Life Insurance Company94.58%96.45%8,331
Top 10 Insurance Company India

Above is shortlist top 10 insurance India given


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