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What Is Cloud Computing | How it work

What Is Cloud Computing | How it work

Hello friends today with new topic that’s cloud computing and how it work’s where it work and also in day today life were are using that cloud computing directly or indirectly. Cloud computing mean delivering on demand of computing from hosted storage to internet world (User on internet).

A cloud can be public or private service in this computing are sell, where in public cloud will sell every one without any restriction(limited access) on internet. But in private cloud is a data center that provides hosted service to limited number of people, have certain access and other permission setting. In both private and public have same goal scalable computing and IT resources for use.

What is Cloud Computing?

The delivery of computing application of storage to processing unit of power and typically over internet for free of cost or payment of use basis. Like running of application web page and many other tools on internet are working right now. Simple Definition with Like example if you developed a web tool in PC where you can run only in PC  not use in other mobile or pc or laptop if you want access. For this require cloud computing where can access any time any place in world.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing work in user or client device to access data from cloud application over the internet through remote physical server, database and computer.In internet network connection of front end like user access things device, browser to access cloud software front design and tool for uses. Where back-end consists of database, server & computer also it is know as repository system of internet world. Also back-end system will store data and front end system to give access for that data.

The both front end and back end together work with help of main server. The main server will relies on protocol facilitate to exchange the data. The main server have uses software and middle ware to manage connectivity to different user devices to cloud server. Some people are require dedicated server for application and workload.Cloud computing using virtualization and automation technology

Type Of Cloud Computing Services

The cloud computing are divided into 3 categories based on working system.

IaaS: The provider such as Amazon AWS web service for virtual server for storage and work instance, application programming interface’s (API) user will shift there workload on virtual machine. User can be allocate for storage capacity can be start stop configure on virtual machine based on the interest.IaaS providers offer small, medium, large, extra-large, and memory or compute-optimized instances, in addition to enabling customization of instances, for various workload needs.

PaaS: The PaaS is cloud provides for host development tools on their infrastructure, Client can be easy access the tool using APIs, web portal or gateway software.Common PaaS products include Salesforce’s Lightning Platform, AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Google App Engine.

SaaS: Is the distribution type that delivers software over the internet also this application is called web services. Client can be access software and application from any location using mobile or PC in internet.One common example of a SaaS application is Microsoft 365 for productivity and email services.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing?

The benefits are vary according type cloud service used, manly companies not having to buy the server or maintain their own infrastructure. No more purchasing server, updating application and operating system and also decommissioning hardware and software out of date, and also it can be take care by supplier.A company that specializes in running and securing these services is likely to have better skills and more experienced staff than a small business could afford to hire, so cloud services may be able to deliver a more secure and efficient service to end users.

The company has application is more or peak usage, it might make financial sense to have it hosted in the cloud, rather than have dedicated hardware and software laying idle for much of the time.

Conclusion: Thing are covered what is cloud computing, how it work cloud computing and different type of cloud computing services with benefits.



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