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How to increase jio speed

Hello guys we are explaining how to increase jio speed also we are explaining some extra ordinary step to increase jio speed upto 1-10MBPS also depends upon network tower here my experience.I had facing data-speed in my area and i has getting 80-100kbps and i have applied that trick there after my speed increases upto 200-1200KBPS.

Here also trick is available in below Paragraph.This method is tried and test method by me also you can check and you can try it in your home also i have many ways to increase jio speed Net. It work when your are downloading something and webpage loading ETC

How to increase jio speed

Now we are starting the method we told in above.This method needs nothing  just go to your phone and what you need start download its size is more or less go to phone open your dial pad call some one person or company number from jio sim. Call to friends or relative or company which one is comfortable to you do it and see the magic wihin a minute your downloading speed i will increased  check when your talking to your friends on call.

Ex when you start download your speed will 80-100KBPS after the do the call check the speed you get 200-1200KBPS your download will complete as fast as possible and you get faster speed internet you get when you on call.This method is applicable when you are on call.And if you other method or  more know  about that just do comment i will do new to increase jio speed net.


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